Website Design and Development Services

I may be in the heart of Seattle...

...but my freelance services are available across the country. I love to help small businesses, creatives, small content providers like podcasts, or anything and anyone else trying to get noticed in this big world. Want to get your message out? Then contact me today!

Web Design

The process will start with a discussion on what you need and what you want to convey with your site. Friendly? Bold? Crafty? What information and content do you need featured? I'll listen and help you figure out what's needed and go from there! I'll work closely with you to get just what you're looking for and deliver a contemporary and effective website design.

Web Development

I also do front-end development, meaning I will craft the look of your site with HTML and CSS to make sure it's fast, functional and works smoothly between your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer, from Internet Explorer to Chrome, and thensome.

If you want further control of your content, able to update it when you need to without relying on paying someone else just to change a few words or create a new page, I can set you up with a Content Management System (or "CMS") that will best suit your needs, and train you how to use it.

Already have a CMS in place and just want to update your site's look? I can work with that, too, nooo problem.

If you need help finding hosting and getting a domain, I'm happy to help with that, too, and you will be in control of it all so there will be no risk of losing your important domain branding.

Branding Design

Need a logo, business card, or stationary design to go with your website? Have other branding assets you're looking to be created? That's right, I can do that, too!


My rates will vary depending on the scope of the project and a couple other factors. If you want to discuss rates, I'm happy to chat for free over email, phone (email me to request my number), or at a cafe or somewhere if you're in the Seattle area.

Get Started!

Would you like to work with me? Have any questions? Shoot me an e-mail! I look forward to hearing from you.