Town of Thayne

Beautiful Town in Wyoming

A fun opportunity came my way to take an old website for a small town in Wyoming and give it a fresh new design. Their site had been down for some time, so they presented me with a screenshot on the ol' Wayback Machine for me to go off of in terms of the content, saying they did not like the old design. It was far too old timey cowboy and brown for them.

And, besides that, it had a very out-dated look. So, for the overall style, I aimed for a slight rustic feel, nothing too cliched or cowboy-ish. Or brown. Have I mentioned that it was very brown yet? I introduced some other colors that felt natural but not dull, used new, contemporary fonts, and large images to help illustrate what their beautiful area and little town is like.

Having worked with other city websites, I know the content and info the homepage can provide is very important to the officials and they often feel they have to cram everything in the fabled "above-the-fold" area of a site. With this site, the idea I pitched to them was to have a longer homepage to create more room for easier reading, but to help visitors get to the info they wanted faster I suggested putting in a mini-navigation on bottom of the screen that will scroll down to those sections. To my relief, they loved the idea and I'm sure their visitors appreciate it as well.

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