Teton Cancer Institute

Cancer Care Center

Something like cancer is a scary, life-changing event and when you need help and care for it the last thing you may want to see is a stark, cold or even depressing website. At the time this project came to me, someone close to me had been diagnosed with cancer, and they were always in mind as I approached this design.

The Institute's colors, as seen in their logo, are gold and olive green, but their original site used large swaths of really dull, dark versions of the colors that didn't inspire a good feeling. I took the yellow and made a brighter and a softer version--colors to inspire hope and optimism. The olive was changed to a more chartreuse color and put alongside the new yellows and a bright blue, creating a more positive vibe to the site that's carried throughout. All the elements of the site, from the thin-lined, gentle-curved patterns to the background in the interior page headers, were purposefully designed to help inspire an assuring calmness.


I created the overall design and coded the HTML/CSS and skinned the CMS.

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