Margaret Leveret TNP

Women's Healthcare

When this project was landed by the studio I really wanted to do it, since she was my doctor and an amazing one at that! Since I was familiar with her personality, I felt I could accurately present a design that would be just what she would want. Something friendly and calming, since searching for doctors can be daunting, and feminine while not being overwhelmingly pink and lavender like her old site had been. Along with it, she wanted a new logo, her old one being too purple for her tastes and the font a little too cursive to be easily read.

First design step was the logo. I found a gorgeous script font that was elegant while not being hard to read. I used thin-lined illustrations of flowers and leaves for the flourish knowing that she loved floral elements and how they can create that feminine feel she liked without pounding on the pinks.

Once the logo was approved, I created the site design using it as a cornerstone, using the same font for large headers and scattering the flowers throughout the design, making sure to use them sparingly and peeking out from behind elements so they wouldn't actually overwhelm the important content visitors needed. A soft yellow and brighter highlights of blues, pinks and purples help create an inviting site. Along with the website I also created her business cards, which can be seen below, and the logo was put on their new office sign where the bright flowers on a dark background stand out beautifully, making it easy to find her office in a sea of office buildings.


I created the overall design and coded the HTML/CSS, skinned the CMS, designed the logo and business cards.

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