Plastic Innovation

As someone who recycles plastic like mad, I was excited to make a website to get the news out that there's a new innovation to make plastic more sustainable and less polluting. To the client the content was key. He didn't have much input for actual design aside from using greens and browns for the colors to keep a natural feel. Since I knew the actual text and information was of the utmost importance, I chose to make a clean site with good white-space for reading room. The main colors are greens, often in smooth gradients like in the logo, and I bring in most of the browns in images and text.

I also noticed the client liked infographics, so I created a simple one on the homepage for some bite-sized information that link to more robust pages. The graph itself is an image, but I made sure that the text and headings were actual text for search and screen readers, and for mobile visitors the image swaps out for an easier-to-read grid style.


I designed the overall site, coded the HTML/CSS and skinned the CMS.

Made for Manwaring Web

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