About Me

The gal named Jessica

I started coding and making my own websites when I was in middle school, after discovering there were a bunch of nerds like me online talking about their nerdy things and I just wanted to share in the fun. I started before there was even CSS, which I feel is the modern way of saying I had to walk 6 miles uphill both ways to school. I never stopped coding all through my school years, finding it a great hobby.

Other hobbies include: listening to music, especially metal, watching horror movies, listening to comedy podcasts, doodling silly things for people's entertainment, eating ramen, and petting my very large, drooly cat.

I graduated from University of Idaho in 2007 with a BFA, but after leaving school it was the opportunities to work in front-end development that opened up for me thanks to my long-time coding hobby. I've worked for studios for over 7 years, learning how to work with PHP and .Net-based Content Management Systems, tinkering with jQuery and vanilla Javascript, honing my web design and Adobe Suite skills, and growing my HTML and CSS skills to professional levels that little 15 year old me never would have dreamed of.

Would you like to work with me? Learn more about me or get a complete resume? Shoot me an e-mail!

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